A bicycle ride around the Laguna di Levante
A tour between nature and archeology also suitable for children
25 km
6 hours
A pleasant bycicle ride from Orbetello: the perfect itinerary for families with children or simply nature lovers. 
Two points of interest of this itinerary are Tombolo della Feniglia and the Laguna di Levante, perfect for birdwatching. The only hard part is the ascent (about 2 km) on the Ansedonia promontory towards the Cosa ruins. If desired, this part may be avoided, making the journey more flat and shortening it. The Tombolo tract that skirts the lagoon’s strand is a bit rough (with roots and sand) but easily traversed even with a regular bicycle. Alternately, you can follow the main road that crosses the pine grove until reaching the Corpo Forestale dello Stato headquarters.

Departure is from Orbetello in the direction of Porto Santo Stefano, taking the road built over the strip of land dividing the two lagoons of Ponente and Levante, keeping to the bike path. Once past the dike, after 1.9 km, at Terrarossa, turn left towards Porto Ercole until reaching a fork (3.3), where you turn left. 

Passing by a large parking lot, continue for about 300 m and again turn left, taking a dirt road that ends near a large gate; crossing the pedestrian crossing, continue on the right along a tree-lined street about 300 m long that ends near to the Corpo Forestale dello Stato buildings.

Turn left here, following the dirt road that leads into the heart of Tombolo della Feniglia, but after precisely 300 m turn left onto the little road that heads straight to the lagoon. After 300 m you reach a T-crossing where you take the right onto a small road that follows the path of the strand; the track is covered by roots but only in the first segment.

Along the way are two pedestrian paths on the left that head toward bird watching huts. Keep on the main track, avoiding the trails leading off on the right, and after about 5 km the road leads into the pine grove near a large clearing where deer and boar can be seen. Arriving at the main hub, turn left, passing in front of the Corpo Forestale dello Stato buildings.

Details from the Archaeological Museum in Orbetello
Details from the Archaeological Museum in Orbetello 

Once outside the gate you’re back on asphalt and keep to the left. Passing the Tagliata Etrusca (the canal that regulates the flow of water between the sea and the lagoon) and La Lampara restaurant (11 km) turn right along the road that climbs for 2 km and arrives at the promontory with its ruins and archaeological museum of Cosa (13.2). After visiting the interesting archaeological site, turn back on the same road until you get to the crossroads near the Tagliata Etrusca canal (15.4). Turn right here and, without crossing the railroad bridge, turn left onto the small road that’s for cyclists and pedestrians only.

After having gone around the closed gate, head on easily to the next gate. The little road, called Via di Cameretta, continues until reaching a large crossroad (20.5): take the overpass here, following the signs for Orbetello Scalo. Follow the signs for the Ospedale (hospital) and, near a roundabout (700 m before reaching the hospital), take the bike path that leads to the centre of Orbetello (25).