Photo ©Ambito Costa degli Etruschi
Between sea and river: a walk towards the center of Cecina
A walking itinerary along the Cecina river, taking in the Tomboli Reserve
9 km
2 hours

This itinerary starts from the port of Marina di Cecina and follows a path along the river to the center of Cecina, a town with ancient origins on the Etruscan Coast. The return journey to the port goes through the Tomboli Nature Reserve.

First leg
From Cecina's tourist port to the center of Cecina
Riverside route
Riverside route - Credit: Ambito Costa degli Etruschi

From the tourist port of Cecina, cross the bridge that goes towards Marina di Cecina and take the 'Strada Fiume' (riverside path) that you'll find immediately on your left. The pleasant walkway runs along the waterway until it reaches the town center. Continue towards the pedestrian area which houses public establishments and many shops. By taking a short detour on Via Carlo Ginori, you can arrive at the nearby Roman Villa of San Vincenzino: a residential complex dating between 1st century BC. and 5th century AD. The foundations, mosaics, floors and intact underground cistern can be viewed.

Second leg
From the center of Cecina to Marina di Cecina
Tomboli Cecina
Tomboli Cecina - Credit: Ambito Costa degli Etruschi

The itinerary continues towards Marina di Cecina. Walking under the large pines of Viale della Repubblica up to the roundabout overlooking the sea, you can visit the entire waterfront area with its bathing establishments, shops, bars and restaurants. Continuing from the roundabout to the left along Viale Galliano, skirt the pine forest behind the beach and arrive at the entrance to the Tomboli Nature Reserve. About 15 km in length, it's one of the most beautiful Italian forests, boasting numerous free beaches that can also be reached by bike via the cycle path.

Third leg
From the Tomboli Reserve to the marina
The sea of Cecina
The sea of Cecina - Credit: Ambito Costa degli Etruschi

Retracing the itinerary backwards along Viale Galliano, you return to the central roundabout of Marina di Cecina and cross the seafront to the tourist information office. Walking towards the port, you can stop to visit the Le Gorette beach and the pine forest that lies behind it: it's one of the most beautiful beaches of the Etruscan Coast.