Photo ©David Fabi / Comune di Pietrasanta
In the International Park of Contemporary Sculpture in Pietrasanta
An open air museum and dedicated itinerary to discover it: in Pietrasanta, every corner displays sculptures by great names in international contemporary art
3.5 km

The historic centre of Pietrasanta has been defined as an "artistic traffic area", due to the large presence of contemporary art works scattered in every corner of the town. The numerous projects that have taken place over the years have given life to the International Park of Contemporary Sculpture, a widespread open-air museum - parallel to the Bozzetti Museum - that can be discovered with a walk among the bronze and marble statues, colours and shapes, while following an itinerary or "getting lost" among the streets and squares.

Explore the "art traffic zone"
"Annunciazione" by Igor Mitoraj - Credit: Comune di Pietrasanta

To begin discovering the International Park of Contemporary Sculpture, you can start from Piazza Gramsci and walk through the historic centre, heading into the heart of the city. In this first stage, you'll encounter works such as Myomu - Kan Yasuda's Key to a Dream and Franco Miozzo's Propulsion, before reaching the MuSa, Virtual Museum of Sculpture and Architecture. Near the museum and almost hidden in the streets and squares, you'll find Il Cavalletto (homage to the artisans) by Romano Cosci, Il Pugilatore by Francesco Messina and N. 8, the statue by Giovanni da Monreale that almost seems to blend into the crowds.

Continuing along the route, you will reach the Cathedral of Pietrasanta on the facade of whichyou can see the Annunciation by Igor Mitoraj. Nearby is Il Centauro, also by Mitoraj, and Donna by Costantino Nivola.

Among the squares, streets and alleys
"The Warrior" by Fernando Botero - Credit: Comune di Pietrasanta

Once you enter the historic centre, you will find yourself surrounded by works of art that peak out from the street corners, populate the squares, and dominate the town roundabouts.

In Piazza dello Statuto, for example, sculptures such as The Circle of the Wind by Junkyo Muto, San Giovanni by Rosario Murabito, Il Cavallino by Ferruccio Vezzoni and Il Danzatore by Anna Chromy can be found, while the winding streets invite you to embark on a sort of treasure hunt where you'll come across Pace Frame by Nall and the Girl on the swing by Daphné Du Barry in the two sculptures that adorn the town square and, not far away, there's the famous work titled Il Guerriero by Fernando Botero who left behind many traces in Pietrasanta.

A continuous discovery

The International Park of Contemporary Sculpture also extends outside the historic centre. While exploring the immediate surroundings, you can admire The Wayfarer by Michele Benedetto, The Petals of Love by Maria Papa Rostowska and the mighty statue titled The Judgment of the Minotaur by Franco Adami which is a noted feature of a roundabout at the entrance to Pietrasanta, observing passersby.

Heading back towards the starting point, the last work you come across is Figure in reflection (also by Benedetto), which signals the entrance to the bus station. From here, it's possible to take the underpass and complete the ring-route itinerary.

There are over 60 works featured in the park. In addition to characterizing the town centre and the nearby area, the sculptures also populate the streets of Marina di Pietrasanta which can be discovered with another walk, immersed in art and the scent of sea salt.

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