Weekend of good music and adrenaline in Lucca and Garfagnana
From Lucca Summer Festival to the Monte Forato swing
70 km
3 days

Imagine a summer evening within the walls of Lucca, singing with your favorite band. The next day, pop on your hiking boots and get ready to experience an aerial path of cableways suspended above the Lima river or even the craziest swing of the Apuan Alps.

If Tuscany is your destination this summer and you're into live music and adrenaline-filled activities, get ready for a weekend of good music and fun.

Day 1
Lucca in the spotlight of his Summer festival

One of the most attended festivals in Italy is certainly the Lucca Summer Festival. Taking place in July, its line-up features world-famous names like Elton John, Buena Vista Social Club, Jamiroquai and Sting. Buy your tickets in time (the complete program is normally available by the end of the previous year) and book one or two nights in the Medieval city in order to have time to explore the town.

Walk aimlessly along the alleys of Lucca, but note down the places you absolutely must visit: the Cathedral of San Martino, a masterpiece of the Romanesque in Lucca with its facade inspired by the Pisa Cathedral; Piazza dell'Anfiteatro with its circular shape and its colorful palaces; the Guinigi Tower and its hanging garden and, of course, the centuries-old walls that embrace the historic center of the city, a green oasis for a picturesque walk.

Don’t miss the opportunity to taste some of the typical local dishes such as tordelli lucchesi (pasta stuffed with meat), spelt salad or soup, rovelline lucchesi (veal escalopes) or biroldo accompanied by the best wine from the hills of Lucca. On the day of the show, arrive at the concert early (if you don’t have a reserved seat), choose a good place to enjoy the gig and go wild!

Day 2
Balancing on a rope at the Strette di Cocciglia
 - Credit: Alice Russolo e Nicola Santini

Have a lie-in and wake up at your leisure (you probably went to bed late the day before) and travel towards Bagni di Lucca to explore the Serchio valley. After about 20 minutes drive you will find the Maddalena bridge on your left, like immersing yourself in a painting.

Located in Borgo a Mozzano, this particular bridge with its large round arch flanked by minor arches was built at the behest of Matilde di Canossa to connect the two banks of the Serchio between the 11th and 12th centuries and was restored at the end of the 14th century. Its unique shape has made many legends flourish and today it is better known as the Devil's Bridge. After this compulsory stop, leave Bagni di Lucca behind and continue for another 20 minutes along the road to Scesta.

The Canyon park of Scesta is the first Adventure Park in Italy that was built in a canyon and offers many different activities suitable for adults and children over the age of 10 and over 140cm tall. The main attraction is the Canyon zip line: a journey of about two hours through catwalks, Tibetan bridges, pulleys over 100 meters long and passages on rock suspended above the emerald waters of the Lima stream. But it does not end here, take part in a yoga session in the forest or rent a SUP board to paddle along the stream. We suggest you book in advance in order to make the most of your day.

After the adventure, return to Bagni di Lucca for a well-deserved rest at one of the oldest thermal complexes in the world. The extraordinary curative and regenerative power of its waters has made the Thermal Baths of Bagni di Lucca a popular destination of well-known names like Giulio Cesare, Montesquieu, Paganini, Verdi and Strauss. Today, the thermal area includes the Jean Varraud and Casa Boccella spa complexes and two natural thermal grottoes where treatments and cures are carried out in accordance with the National Health Service guidelines.

Day 3
Swinging in Monte Forato
 - Credit: Stefano Cannas

The third day of this itinerary will lead you to discover a part of the magical Garfagnana, a favorite destination for trekking lovers, boasting one of the highest peaks of Tuscany. One, in particular, is ideal for the most adventurous.

Located at about 1200 meters above sea level, Monte Forato is part of the Apuan Alps and owes its name to the large natural arch between the two peaks of the mountain which forms a large hole. Perfect for a swing! To reach the summit you must walk for about 5 hours from Fornovolasco and if you book in advance, once at the top you could “fly” on the swing through the 30-meter long gap. Crazy but true!

From spring to autumn, the Garfagnana guide association organizes special excursions in collaboration with alpine guides. Equipped with ropes, harnesses and helmets, the experienced guides will accompany you on a unique flight over the Apuan Alps.