Seaside and beyond in Versilia
A unique biking trail starting from Camaiore parish church
23 km
1 hour

Get active on this route that's rich with history while relaxing at the same time. From Camaiore parish church, you'll travel through small centres of remarkable beauty, all on two wheels and surrounded by nature.


From Camaiore follow the Provincial road toward Lucca until you reach the Ponte di Nocchi junction. Go toward the hamlets of Nocchi and Torcigliano.

The road will end in a small square where the trail entrance lies a few dozen meters before it. Go left, uphill toward Camaiore. You’ll see stunning views of the underlying valley and will probably have to get off your bike at some point due to the lush vegetation that has invaded the area. Once you’ve overcome this initial narrow trail of substantial difficulty, you’ll want to follow the red markings painted on the area’s rocks and trees; the trail becomes easier as you get nearer to the district of Buchignano (m. 300 slope. - km 7.5). 

Badia di San Pietro in Camaiore
Badia di San Pietro in Camaiore 

The district of Buchignano can also be reached thanks to the paved road leaving Pieve di Camaiore. Once you’ve passed the hamlet’s last houses, follow the trail’s yellow markings toward Agliano Peralla. Be careful as you cross these ancient hamlets as the journey has various trail marks that may confuse you. Once you reach Agliano Peralla, the trek continues downhill until you reach another trail characterized by steep up-and-down segments. After passing Maestà, you’ll reach Salapreti (m.220 slope. km 11).

Those who venture past the hamlet’s last houses will find an asphalted road that rapidly descends to Silerchie. There, you’ll find the Provincial road leading to Lucca (m.40 slope. km 14). Veer left and you’ll reach the Pieve di Camaiore junction; after an easy uphill journey, you’ll arrive at your starting point - Ponte di Nocchi (17 km total).