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Recipe for Acquacotta soup by Alessia Morabito

For many years the Maremma was just a huge land of passage for shepherds. Legend has it that the inventors of acquacotta soup traveled with stale bread, oil, garlic, onion, a few herbs and dried meat in order to prepare acquacotta. 

Etruscans made it, and today it is still a milestone in Tuscan cooking. Acquacotta means cooked water, and its secret probably lies in the simplicity of the recipe and its natural, local ingredients.

Straight from the Maremma, Chef Alessia Morabito shows us how to prepare a perfect acquacotta soup. Remember that the ingredients change according to the seasons, so there’s no such thing as a standard recipe for this dish:

  1. 1 celery with leaves
  2. 1 bunch of basil
  3. 1 1/2 kg red tomatoes
  4. 3 onions 
  5. Extra-virgin olive oil, salt and pepper
  6. Tuscan bread
  7. Egg (1 per person)
  8. Pecorino cheese (some slices)
  1. In a saucepan, heat a little oil, salt and pepper. Cut the onions and brown them
  2. Cut the celery into small pieces and cook them until simmered
  3. Cut the leaves of celery and basil and add them to the pan
  4. Cut the tomatoes and add them to the pan
  5. When the tomatoes have melted, add half a liter of water
  6. Toast the bread
  7. Cook the egg in the soup broth
  8. Compose the dish in layers: bread, olive oil, pepper, chili, cheese, vegetables and the soup with the egg.
About Alessia Morabito

Alessia is a passionate chef with Pisan origins and a heart that belongs to the Maremma. In love with her work and with her adoptive land, every day she interprets the local cuisine, giving it her personal and magical touch.