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An elegant festival retracing the history of the Etruscans

Bluetrusco is the only festival dedicated to Etruscan culture. It takes place in the magnificent town of Murlo with guided visits, debates, concerts and theatre. 

One of the central locations during the event is the castle dating to the 12th century, along with the Palazzo del Vescovo, today the headquarters of the interesting Archaeological Museum, which houses the Etruscan antiquarium of Poggio Civitate and the riches from the necropolis of Poggio Aguzzo.

The event also highlights the natural beauty of the territory with strolls along the hills that surround the town. Murlo is set in an extraordinary landscape, home to centuries-old relics, and is its own kind of natural stage, capable of generating attention.

Contemporary photography exhibitions, cinema screenings, food and wine exhibitions and discussions on respecting the environment will also be part of the proceedings. Past editions have featured Gino Paoli with Danilo Rea and the director Alice Rohrwacher among the guests.

The complementary nature of different types of art is on full display during the festival, and pairs well with scientific- and education-centered events: this combination has made Bluetrusco a benchmark on the international scene for spreading knowledge about the history and culture of Etruria and the Etruscan people.

02 Oct 2021
31 Oct 2021
Via Tonda, 40, 53016 Murlo SI, Italia
Tel.: 3495524583
From 05 October 2018 to 07 October 2018