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Dante and the poets of the twentieth century
An online lecture series by the University of Florence that discusses contemporary authors in relation to the great poet

To what extent is Dante present in the verses of the modern protagonists of our poetry? How does his voice speak to contemporary poets?

The cycle of twenty lectures in the series titled "Dante and the poets of the twentieth century" was formed from these questions, organized by the "Aldo Palazzeschi" Study Center and the Department of Literature and Philosophy of the University of Florence, with the aim of discussing the authors in relation to the great poet.

In each meeting, the critical-interpretative presentation of a contemporary poet by an Italian or international scholar is accompanied by the reading of significant texts, both by Dante and the author under consideration.

The poets chosen include Giuseppe Ungaretti, Mario Luzi, Eugenio Montale, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Andrea Zanzotto and Edoardo Sanguineti. There will also be female writers, at the heart of the novelty of the literature from the twentieth century: Margherita Guidacci, Cristina Campo and Amelia Rosselli.

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09 dic 2021
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