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Discover Sansepolcro. The Museo Diffuso.
Guided tours to discover the historical, artistic and cultural heritage

"Discover Sansepolcro. The Museo Diffuso": places, people and stories, an immersive experience that allows you to learn about the historical, artistic, cultural heritage of the city of Sansepolcro directly from the voice of those who live there and care for the area. 

A responsible tourism project that places interaction with local residents at the center of the visit to protect the city's environment and culture.  

"Discover Sansepolcro. The Museo Diffuso" offers a series of guided tours to learn about the characters, stories, memories, anecdotes, as well as the town's noble palaces, churches and museums.  

Nine stages to be discovered thanks to the support of accredited tour guides, with tours in Italian and English, suitable for families and tourists but also for citizens who want to know the secrets, so many, enclosed in every corner of Sansepolcro.  

These are the spaces involved and that can be visited with the guide and citizens: 


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11 jun. 2022
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18 sept. 2022

Ufficio Turistico Valtiberina Toscana, Piazza Torre di Berta, Sansepolcro, AR, Italia
Sito Web http://www.meetvaltiberina.it/
Mail: info@meetvaltiberina.it
Tel.: (+39) 0575 740536
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