Photo ©Antonio Cinotti
Éléments naturalistes
Monte Amiata Wildlife Park
A park on Monte Labbro, dedicated to the protection of local fauna

Parco Faunistico del Monte Amiata, Localita' Podere Dei Nobili, Arcidosso GR, Italia

The Monte Amiata Wildlife Park is located in Arcidosso, within the Monte Labbro Nature Reserve, the limestone cone immersed in the chestnut and beech woods, where nature is still uncontaminated and splendid excursions on foot, horseback or by mountain bike are possible, thanks to a network of equipped trails.

The objective of the Wildlife Park is to safeguard the local fauna. Here it is possible to spot wild animals that live in complete freedom, observing them from afar following the guided routes: deer, fallow deer, roe deer, mouflons and even the Apennine wolf.