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Éléments naturalistes
Les Cascades du Moulin de Saturnia
Le paysage naturel des sources sulfureuses
Cascate del Mulino
Strada Vicinale Molino del Bagno 9/a, 58014 Saturnia GR, Italie

Dans la commune de Manciano, à quelques kilomètres de la ville de Saturnia, les eaux sulfureuses jaillissent en formant de grands bassins d'eau à une température de 37,5 °C, créant ainsi des « piscines » thermales gratuites et en plein air.

Les principales chutes d'eau thermale sont les Cascades du Moulin, située près d'un ancien moulin, et les Cascades du Gorello. Le grand bassin situé au-dessus de la cascade offre une atmosphère de rêve dont on peut profiter surtout le soir. L'accès aux chutes est public et gratuit toute l'année. N'ayez pas peur de plonger même pendant le rude hiver, vous ne sentirez pas le froid et vous profiterez d'un paysage naturel très pittoresque. Pour ceux qui préfèrent le confort, il existe également plusieurs spas.

A place surrounded by nature, fascinating and steeped in legend, it seems that these spas have been originated by a lightning bolt thrown by Jupiter against Saturn that arrived on earth just where the baths are located.

To the nearby Mount Amiata, an ancient volcano now extinct, we owe all this beauty and this source of well-being; the phenomena of secondary volcanism have given rise to many hot springs in the area, but those of Saturnia have an unrivalled scenery.

The main thermal area is the Cascate del Mulino, which are so called because of the presence of an ancient mill at the side of the waterfalls, originating from the thermal stream called Gorello. Open-air spas with free access throughout the year to enjoy in every season, especially in winter. Leaving aside the temperatures close to zero plunging in warm and cozy waters and benefit from the therapeutic properties of sulfur springs is one of the best ways to deal with the harsh winter and enrich an out of town week-end of wellness and nature.

In the waters of Saturnia there is thermal plankton, a precious biogenic treasure that defends and repairs the skin from external impacts and acts with important beneficial actions on the digestive and circulatory systems. Properties that combined with an exceptional natural setting, have made the Free Baths of Saturnia one of the destinations to visit at least once in a lifetime. Moreover, it has been included in the top ten of many travel magazines and renowned tourist guides.

For those who are looking for further relaxation and comfort there are several spas in the area.