Photo ©Marco Verch
One day tour of Florence
What to see in Florence in one day
1 day

One should always try to dedicate more than one day to any of the world’s great cities, Florence included. For those that only have a day to spare, we can help you choose what to see so that you make the most of your limited time

If you only have one day in this city, don’t go to the Uffizi. This may sound like a sacrilege but the Uffizi is one of the most important museums in Europe and due to its size and influx of crowds, a limited time in the museum means your visit will be rushed and unsatisfactory. 

This itinerary is almost museum-free. Assuming you’re arriving and departing by train at Santa Maria Novella central station, we suggest that you go first to the other side of town before working your way back towards the station.

Try to arrive early to make the most of your day. When creating an itinerary for yourself or making changes to this one, it’s important to find out the opening hours of whatever churches or museums you want to visit.