Aperitivo buffet
Photo ©Flavia Cori, Tuscany Social Media Team
Basic Rules and Tips
Aperitivo Time in Florence
Flavia Cori
by Flavia Cori /it/autori/flavia-cori/

One of the most fun food experiences you can try in Italy is without doubt the Aperitivo ritual. It consists of a pre-dinner drink accompanied by some salty snacks and, of course, plenty of friends to chat with. Apéritivo comes from the Latin verb aperire, which means "to open." It usually involves a beverage served before a meal to stimulate the appetite or "to open the stomach". From the traditional bar to the “Vinaio” and from amazing hotel rooftop terraces to historical cafes, Florence offers countless spots to enjoy this social and tasty ritual.

We took part in an aperitivo and wine tasting experience, including a mini-course in a food and wine pairing 101 led by Coral Sisk, author of the blog The Curious Appetite. We had a very good time tasting sparkling wines and Tuscan reds paired with top quality foods. Here is what we learned: